Beaded Round Bezel Drops - Solid Back Bezels in Silver Plate, Gold Plate, Gunmetal, and Antique Gold


Use these Beaded Round Bezel Drops to quickly and easily make stunning necklaces. These settings are prefect for round cabochons or flat-backed crystals, or to provide a background to your resin or glass pieces. The bezels are about 1mm deep. These bezel drops will need glue/resin to secure the focal in place. Look below for a link to our favorite adhesive! They do not contain nickel or lead. Each listing is for 4 bezel settings or Buy in Bulk and Save!

Gold Plated
Silver Plated
Antique Gold
Custom Mix - (let us know what finishes you'd like during checkout, or we'll give you an even amount of each)

4mm - (4.4mm bezel ID, 5.18mm bezel OD, 1.45mm ID loop)
5mm - (5.4mm bezel ID, 6.2mm bezel OD, 1.45mm ID loop)
6mm - (6.4mm bezel ID, 7.2mm bezel OD, 1.5mm ID loop)
8mm - (8.4mm bezel ID, 9.4mm bezel OD, 2mm ID loop)
10mm - (10.3mm bezel ID, 11.6mm bezel OD, 2mm ID loop)
(Other Sizes Available By Request: 7mm, 12mm, 13mm, 14mm, 15mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, and 38mm)

ID = Inside Diameter
OD = Outside Diameter

► Please make sure you measure your cabochon, stone, crystal, etc. before purchasing. We know how stressful it can be that the stone is either too big or too small for the bezel cup. We measured this product with a digital caliper for your accurateness (cup measurements are averaged, each cup might have a slight difference, up to ±0.03mm)


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Materials: Brass.

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