Best HARD Wire Cutters Xuron Double Flush - Our Pick for Stainless Steel and a Must for Memory Wire - Made in the USA - Wire Sample Included


This Xuron Double Flush Cutter is the way to create perfect wire cuts, economically, with hard wire such as Stainless Steel and Memory Wire. They will both DESTROY regular cutters! They are Made in the USA and are what we use to cut our stainless steel wire and findings all day, every day! FREE Wire Sample Included-Our Pick!

These are called HWAC which stands for Hard Wire And Cable and is rated for hardened wire, music wire, memory wire and throttle cable. It does not require any special cutting technique. Use these like any cutter: place the material between the jaws at the desired location and squeeze on the handles. Cutting effort is minimal due to the tools' shearing action. They feature Xuro-Rubber™ grips for comfort and the Light Touch™ spring action returns it to its open position.

Overall Length: 5 inches
Jaw Length: 5mm
Tip Width: 3mm

►Perfect for Cutting:
Copper, Bronze and Brass Wire up to 12 gauge (2mm)
Stainless Steel, Hard Wire and Memory Wire Up to 14 gauge (1.6mm)

We do NOT recommend using these cutters to cut jump rings, as they are not suited to this application.

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Materials: double flush wire cutters made in the usa, Made in the USA.

Customer Reviews

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Rea G. (Sterling Heights, United States)
Great memory wire cutters

I've cut at least 100 memory wire bracelets with these in the past few days and it's so easy! They're great and I'll happily repurchase if they break or wear out, they make it so much faster and with them being double flush, I don't have to smooth out the ends of the wire before I start working (which was really annoying with my old cutters)

Something to note though is that I did not get any kind of wire sample with my order
Not something I cared about, but it's kind of false advertising to say it comes with something that it doesn't come with...