20 Black Oxidized Sterling Silver Oval Jump Rings - 10 Sizes to Select From


These Black Oxidized Sterling Silver Oval Jump Rings are perfect for so many jewelry creations. Ovals make stronger connections than rounds and we have 8 sizes to choose from so one will be perfect for your creation! These are hand oxidized and tumbled to a light black/very dark grey tone. There may be some variations from lot to lot and they may continue to darken. The patina can be removed with sterling silver cleaner.

Each listing is for 20 or Buy in Bulk and Save!

22 gauge 2.1mm X 1.5mm ID - 3.3mm X 2.7mm OD
22 gauge 3mm X 2mm ID - 4.3mm X 3.3mm OD
20 gauge 3.4mm X 2.4mm ID - 5mm X 4mm OD
20 gauge 4.1mm X 2.9mm ID - 5.6mm X 4.5mm OD
18 gauge 3.6mm X 2.7mm ID - 5.6mm X 4.7mm OD
18 gauge 4.1mm X 2.9mm ID - 6.1mm X 4.9mm OD
18 gauge 6.8mm X4.7mm ID - 8.8mm X 6.7mm OD
16 gauge 5.3mm X 3.2mm ID - 7.9mm X 5.8mm OD
16 gauge 6.8mm X 4.7mm ID - 9.3mm X 7.3mm OD
14 gauge 6.8mm X 4.7mm ID - 10.1mm X 8mm OD

ID = Inside Diameter
OD = Outside Diameter

22 gauge = 0.6mm
20 gauge = 0.8mm
18 gauge = 1.01mm
16 gauge = 1.29mm
14 gauge = 1.63mm

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Materials: Silver.

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