Eternity Earrings - You PICK the Colors - Kit


These Eternity Earring feature endless spirals of one or two colors or a color fade. These earrings are a fun interpretation of a classic chainmaille mobius pattern! You choose, Ready Made or Kit!

You'll receive everything you need to make these beautiful earrings crafted with our premium handmade jump rings and matching handcrafted ear wires to finish off the look! They cascade and shimmer just under 1-1/2 inches (3cm) and can be switched to Clip On or Post Tops.

30 - 18 Gauge 8mm ID Jump Rings - Main Color
10 - 18 Gauge 8mm ID Jump Rings - Accent Color
2 - 18 Gauge 3.75mm ID Jump Rings - Main Color
1 Pair Ear Wires

Choose from the color options shown in the second photo and listed by number in the drop down menu.

1. Non Tarnish Gold Color & Burgundy
2. Burgundy & Silvered Orange
3. Titanium & Grey
4. Titanium & Peridot
5. Antique Copper & Peridot
6. Non Tarnish Gold Color, Burgundy & Red
7. Red & Rose Pink
8. Non Tarnish Silver Plate & Rose Pink
9. Purple & Rose Pink
10. Purple & Non Tarnish Silver Plate
11. Sea Foam & Non Tarnish Silver Plate
12. Antique Copper & Economical Sea Foam
13. Non Tarnish Copper & Economical Sea Foam
14. Non Tarnish Gold Color & Economical Sea Foam
15. Non Tarnish Gold Color & Non Tarnish Silver Plate
16. Silvered Pacific Blue & Non Tarnish Gold Color
17. Silvered Ice Blue, Non Tarnish Silver Plate & Blue
18. Non Tarnish Gold Color & Dark Blue
19. Lavender & Non Tarnish Gold Plate
20. Lavender & Egg White
21. Non Tarnish Silver and Yellow
22. Dark Blue, Ice Blue, Pacific Blue, Economical Seafoam and Non Tarnish Silver (first photo)

INSTRUCTIONS - You Pick Printed, Instant Download pdf or none!
Select Kit w/Instructions to receive printed instructions along with your kit.

We sell our Instructions and Kits separately so that you can buy more than one kit and not have to pay for the instructions over and over.

Materials: all nickel and lead free, made in the usa, handmade jump rings, colorful enameled coated copper jump rings, handmade ear wires.

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