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A Song of Rings and Things

Summer is coming; check in weekly from April 24th through June 10th for our 3rd Annual Unkamen Games.

Join us on the adventure - prove your wit, sharpen your skills and show off your jewelry!

We will post a new installment each week, on Sunday, with a question for you to answer. Answer the question and make the required purchase and receive that weeks' reward which includes chainmaille jewelry kits, fashion jewelry kits and finished jewelry as well! We will post the best answers each week, right here on this page.

New this year, we will also select weekly,  the answer we like best – totally subjective, and the customer who submitted that will be awarded 5000 Unkamen Coins ($50 value)....trust us, it is well known that an Unkamenor always pays his debts!

Here are all of the rules, because you know nothing….yet! Play 2 ways; each week, make the required purchase and answer the question or just answer the question – no purchase required.

Rules for Winning Coins and Bounty
  1. Ponder the weekly questions and then prove your wit by posting your answer on that week’s Facebook post.
  2. The best answer each week, as judged by us, will be awarded 5000 Unkamen Coins that are redeemable on unkamensupplies.com only, not redeemable in our Etsy Shop.
  3. No purchase necessary. Coins do not expire, but are not redeemable for cash.
  4. The weekly question will be posted on Sunday at 6pm CST.
  5. The answers must be posted by midnight CST, the following Saturday, to be eligible for that week’s judging.
  6. Answer the question AND make the required purchase amount to receive that week’s bounty. Each week will have new loot.
  7. Required purchase can be made on our website or our Etsy Shop.
  8. If making the required purchase, you can submit your answer in the notes to seller when you check out. It is then optional to post it also on Facebook, but if you do, it will only be counted for one entry for that week’s coins.
  9. Play the game every week either to simply submit your answer or to earn each week’s bounty as well.
Week 1
Little Birdy Bangle

Week 1 Question: Varys has his little birds that keep him informed. The answer to what rumor would you like to have a little bird whisper in your ear?

Week 2
Winter Is Coming Bracelet Kit

Week 2 Question: Many of the characters have nicknames, mostly based on specific deed, behavior or physical feature of the person in question. The nicknames can be derogatory (Kingslayer) or for mockery (Brienne the Beauty). If you lived in the Game of Thrones universe, what do you think your nickname would be?

Week 3
Mother of Dragons Handflower Kit

Week 3 Question: In Season 1 of Game of Thrones, Daenerys is given a gift of 3 Dragon Eggs. If you lived in the Game of Thrones universe, what mythical or real creatures would you like to be gifted and why?

Week 4
Dragon's Pearls Earring Kit

Week 4 Question: There are many exotic locations shown in Game of Thrones, strange and beautiful alike. If you could travel anywhere, whether it is a real location or not, where would you go and why?

Week 5
Rose Gold Bangle Kit

Week 5 Question: Sometime in stories, and in real life, the outcome is nothing that can be affected, it just comes down to chance. This week, leave ANY comment on the FB post to be entered to win 5000 Unkamen Coins ($50 value on any purchase on our website) May 22 through May 28th 11:59 cst. One randomly picked commentator will win! Make ANY purchase this week and you will have a change to receive our lovely Rose Gold Bangle Kit, complete with a selection of charms! 10 customers will be randomly chosen EACH day to have this included in their order!

Week 6
Dragons Egg Pendant Kit

Week 6 Question: Dragons are a very popular mythilogical creature that show up in many books, movies, and tv shows. Of all the dragons you have heard about, which representation is your favorite?

Week 7
Gathered Threads and Woven Shield Necklace Kit

Week 7 Question:If you had to fight in a fictional battle in which you could have either a magical weapon or a protective spell, which would you choose and what specifically would in be?

Week 8
Leather and Chainmaille Gauntlet Kit

Week 8 Question:Last week you had to pick either a magical weapon or a protective spell for battle. Now we want to know who or what you are fighting this battle for! Bonus points for coming up with a battle cry!

Week 9
Missandei Necklace Kit

Week 9 Question:Your quest is almost complete! If you could have a MAGICAL TOOL at your workbench, what would it be and what would you make with it?

Week 10
Celtic Eclipse Post Earring Kit

Week 10 Question:Your last question! If you could have any fictional character as a best friend, who would it be and why?

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