1 Bangle Base - Snag-less Square in Your Choice of Metals - Stainless Steel, 14kt Gold Filled, Sterling Silver, Copper, Brass, Bronze

SKU: Ry39P32
This Snag-less Square Stainless Steel Bangle Base is the start of a terrific bracelet! I use 14 gauge (1.63mm) wire so these will be sturdy. I have created a design that features closed inside loops and jump rings which will not catch on your clothing! They are one size fits all since they are uniquely adjustable from 60mm - 85mm (2 1/2 inches - 3 1/4 inches).

Square Jump Rings
Twisted Square Jump Rings
Square on Edge Jump Rings (not pictured)

Stainless Steel - nickel free 430 grade
Sterling Silver
Argentium Sterling Silver
14kt Yellow Gold Filled
14kt Rose Gold Filled
Rich Low Brass
Yellow Brass

Would you like a complete kit with charms and jump rings and beads? Great! This link will take you to them