1 Keiba Power Max Heavy Wire Cutters - Perfect for Hard & Thick Wire up to 11 Gauge - Full or Semi Flush - Made in Japan - Free Wire Sample

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I am frequently asked to recommend cutters for jewelry artisans who work with a lot of stainless steel wire, hard wires and memory wire AND are interested in comfort. THESE are THE ONES that I use to cut stainless steel wire. You will be able to cut every size of wire up to 11 gauge (2.3mm) !

Full Flush - our preference
Semi Flus

Here are the details:
Ergonomic, compound-flush cutter. Large grips are easy to hold, provide great leverage and will help to prevent fatigue and injury. They are all made from a high grade tool steel alloy. What does that mean? They will last a long, long time and will resist corrosion.

►Perfect for Cutting:
Copper and Bronze Wire
Brass Wire
Stainless Steel
Hard Wire
Memory Wire
Up to 11 gauge (2.3mm Thick) Wire


Overall length: 6 1/2 inches, Jaw length: 17mm, Jaw width; 7mm

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~~**FREE Wire Sample included**~~

Customer Reviews

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Beyond my expectations

Oftentimes a product is described and you become skeptical about it because all the other similar products you bought let you down.
Not these! I own and use a powered jumping maker... I make rings of all sizes and gauges as well as a wide range of metals. My jumpringer can only saw cut up to 16 gauge. I bought these cutters hoping that maybe, just maybe, they would cut as described. Not only do they cut as described, but I use them on coils that normally I would saw cut due to how clean of a cut they make - not quite a pure saw cut, but as close to one as many of the rings I need cut. I can save my saw blades for the 14K gold and sterling silver rings and use these cutters for all the rest of what I work with (bronze, German Silver, copper, steel and iron). I don't work with anything greater than 14 gauge so I cannot attest that they cut up to 11 gauge, but even 16 gauge stainless steel cuts clean with these Power Max cutters.

great cutter!

this is the only cutter I use to cut heavy wire. I use them in my classes all the time.

Great cutters

Excellent cutters, They are just what I was searching for. I would highly recommend them for up to 2.2mm wire. They are easy on your hands and have a nice flush cut. Many thanks to Ralph for the advice and great service.

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