1 Pair Ear Wires - Large Square Balloon Style - Triangle Loops - Hand Crafted

These hand formed square wire ear wires are the start of some fabulous earrings! They are created from 20 or 21 gauge square wire. They measure 37mm X 20mm. The ends are deburred so they will be smooth and comfortable to insert. Each listing is for 1 pair, 2 ear wires.

Antique Copper Color
Non Tarnish Copper
Vintage Bronze Color
Non Tarnish Gold Colored
Non Tarnish Brass
Non Tarnish Silver Plate
Non Tarnish Rose Gold Color
Black Colored
Rich Low Brass
Antique Copper
Antique Brass
Antique Bronze
Stainless Steel
Sterling Silver
Antique Sterling Silver
Argentium Sterling Silver
14kt Rose Gold Filled
14kt Gold Filled
Silver Filled
BUY 10 pairs and save 10%!

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