1 Pair Handmade Earrings - Diamond and Swirls I - Sterling Silver, 14kt Gold Fill, Copper, Brass, Bronze, Stainless Steel, Niobium, Titanium

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These hand formed and hand hammered solid precious metals ear wires do not have diamond gems stones, but a diamond shape to which I've added swirls.

They are created from 20 gauge solid wires which are made in the USA and do not contain nickel or lead. They measure 1 inches (25mm). The ends are deburred so they will be smooth and won't ouch when you put them on.

Sterling Silver 
Argentium Sterling Silver
Antique Sterling Silver
14kt Rose Gold Filled
14kt Yellow Gold Filled
Rich Low Brass
Yellow Brass
Nickel Free Stainless Steel
Niobium [21 wonderful colors picture 6]
Titanium [20 amazing colors picture 6. Black is not available]

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