1 Pair Handmade Perfect Balance Anodized Niobium Ear Wires with Swarovski Crystals - Hypoallergenic - 100% Guarantee


These Beaded Niobium Ear Wires are perfect for your special earring creations! This style is called Perfect Balance because you can dangle a fair amount of weight and they will still hang straight and be less likely to slide out. They will also feel comfortable.

They are cut and formed and then anodized so the ends have color too and the color is consistent throughout, not faded at the curves. These earrings feature 4mm bicone Swarovski Crystal beads that match or coordinate with the ear wire color you choose.
Niobium is a rare inert metal so it is hypoallergenic and terrific for sensitive ears.

We can create 21 amazing colors of Niobium for you and please let us know your choice off Birthstone when you check out!

Natural Silver
Vintage Bronze
Dark Blue
Medium Blue
Bright Blue
Steel Blue
Silver Blue
Yellow Brass
Old Gold
Rose Gold
Rose Pink
Purple Pink
Dark Purple
Bright Purple
Blue Purple
Peacock Rainbow

BIRTHSTONE'S OPTION and don't forget to let us know your choice off stone!
January - Garnet ♥ February - Amethyst ♥ March - Aquamarine ♥ April - Crystal ♥ May - Emerald ♥ June - Light Amethyst ♥ July - Ruby ♥ August - Peridot ♥ September - Sapphire ♥ October - Rose ♥ November - Topaz ♥ December - Turquoise or Tanzanite

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Niobium(Nb) is named after Niobe, daughter of Tantalus. Ore reserves are found in Canada, Brazil, Nigeria, Zaire and Russia. Nb is used in pure and alloyed form in superconductors, sodium vapor lamps(street lights), rocket boosters and jewelry.

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Materials: anodized 20 gauge niobium wire, does not contain nickel or lead.

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