1 Pair Handmade Sleep Hooks in Argentium Sterling Silver, 14kt Yellow Gold Filled, Rose Gold Filled, or Titanium - 100% Guarantee

These Hooks are part of our Switch Earrings System in which these hooks are meant to be used with leave-in earring hoops and can be used as is or dangles, drops or beads can be hooked into the loop. Check out this blog post for more details:


They can also be used for ear wires if you have small, thin lopes.

They are made from half hard 20 gauge (0.8mm) round wire which is Made in the USA and does not contain nickel or lead. After forming these hooks, I thoroughly deburr the ends to ensure you will not be scratched. They are then tumbled and heat hardened to ensure even greater tarnish resistance. They measure 11.5mm X 6.5mm

I do not recommend you use them as earwires, as they are very small and meant to hook into a leave-in hoop.

YOU PICK from Argentium Sterling Silver, 14kt Rose Gold Filled, 14kt Yellow Gold Filled, Niobium or Titanium.