1 Pair Square Wire Titanium Hoops 20 gauge 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 20mm, 24mm - Hypoallergenic Switch Earrings System


These hand formed 20 gauge square titanium hoops are simply stunning. They're perfect to wear for any occasion, day into evening and great to wear overnight. They are created from surgical grade Titanium wire. The ends are deburred so they will be smooth and won't ouch when you put them on. I leave a pair of these in most of the time and then clip charms and dangles from the small loops. I have VERY sensitive ears and these feel like nothing is there.

Square wire has about 30% more volume than round wire so these may feel a little snug at first. The flat surface allows the cool colors to really show!

Natural Silver
Vintage Bronze
Dark Blue
Medium Blue
Bright Blue
Steel Blue
Silver Blue
Yellow Brass
Old Gold
Rose Gold
Rose Pink
Purple Pink
Dark Purple
Bright Purple
Blue Purple
Peacock Rainbow

♥ How do you put them in? Just give a little twist, insert and then twist to close! We can also make these in 14kt yellow and rose gold filled, brass, bronze, copper and Argentium sterling silver and in custom diameters and gauges to fit your piercings perfectly! Black is not available in Titanium.

Materials: Titanium.

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