1 Stainless Steel Unique Shrimp Style Lobster Clasp - You Pick Size- Triggerless, Sturdy and Shiny - Best Commercially Made - 100% Guarantee

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These Stainless Steel Lobster Clasps are perfect when you want a sturdy non tarnishing closure! They are not my handmade clasps, but a very good quality commercially made product. These clasps are a unique shrimp style and are smooth, sturdy and shiny!

They are perfect for larger, chunkier bracelets and necklaces and are made from TOP SHELF 316L stainless steel. Each listing is for 1. The hole is perfect for leather cords! You pick size!
1 - 15x7mm
1 - 19x10mm
1 - 32x17mm
1 - 40x20mm
1 - 44x27mm With Swivel

***TOP SHELF? Yes! 316L Stainless Steel Wire is the MOST refined, has the lowest carbon content, is the most corrosive resistant and tumbles to the highest gloss of any stainless steel wire available. You can see your reflection! It is widely used in stainless steel watches and marine applications.

♦Want to learn more? Copy and paste this Wiki link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SAE_steel_grades

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