1 Tronex Round Nose Pliers, 531 and 731 - Perfect for Intermediates and Beyond - Made in the USA - Free Wire Sample

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I am frequently asked to recommend pliers for jewelry artisans who have smaller hands and work with wire a LOT. THESE are THE ONES!

These are a perfect set to step up to when you are ready to address hand fatigue. My daughter and several of my students personally prefer the shorter handles and the foam grips feel terrific! The pair that you see in the last picture is my daughters which she has used day in and day out for over a year!

Check out my YouTube Video to see exactly how I recommend prepping them and how to properly use them to open and close a jump ring:

YOUR Pick of SHORT or LONG handles!
1 - Short Handle Round Nose - Tronex Number: 531
1 - Long Handle Round Nose - Tronex Number: 731


Here are the details:

They are all made from a high grade Made in the USA tool steel alloy. What does that mean? They will last a long, long time and will resist corrosion.

Bearing ring lap joint design that insures superior performance to other pliers made with only rivet joints of box joints.

Cushion grips (ESD SAFE) with stainless steel leaf springs.

Long jaws allow for a broader range of loop diameters.


Regular Overall length: 4 1/2 inches, Jaw length: 31.7mm, Tip width: 1.8mm

LONG Overall length: 6 1/2 inches, Jaw length: 31.7mm, Tip width: 1.8mm

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