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10 14kt Gold Filled Oval Jump Rings - 5 Sizes in 16, 18, 20 and 22 gauge to Choose From

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These 14kt Gold Filled Oval Jump Rings are perfect for so many jewelry creations. They are available in 5 sizes so one is sure to be just right for your project! Each listing is for 10.

22 gauge 3mm X 2mm ID - 4.3mm X 3.3mm OD
20 gauge 3mm X 2mm ID - 4.6mm X 3.6mm OD
20 gauge 3.8mm X 3mm ID - 5.4mm X 4.6mm OD
18 gauge 5.3mm X 3.2mm ID - 7.3mm X 5.2mm OD
16 gauge 6.8mm X 4.7mm ID - 9.4mm X 7.3mm OD

ID = Inside Diameter
OD = Outside Diameter

22 gauge = .6mm
20 gauge = .8mm
18 gauge = 1mm
16 gauge = 1.29mm

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