10 gauge Ear Wires Handmade Stainless Steel 1 Pair for Piercings

SKU: 10gEarWireHMSS
These 10 gauge handmade stainless steel earwires are just right for unique earring creations when you want a thicker gauge hook!

These are made from 316L stainless steel and they measure 1/2 inch(1.25cm) by 1 1/4 inch(3.4cm). I smooth the ends to ensure comfort and good looks.

10 gauge = 2.59mm

I have shown these here in both a shiny finish and a matte finish.

Also available in 10 gauge: Raw Copper, Argentium Sterling Silver, Sterling Silver, 14kt Rose Gold Filled, 14kt Yellow Gold Filled, Stainless Steel, Yellow Brass, Rich Low Brass, Raw Bronze...contact me for precious metal pricing.