10 Hammered Silver Filled Jump Rings - Custom Handmade - Affordable Sterling Alternative


These custom hammered Silver Filled Jump Rings are perfect for the chainmailler and jewelry designer who is looking for the perfect affordable alternative to sterling silver! I hand craft these jump rings to meet my high standards for quality. They are hand hammered to create a unique organic look. They will vary in their exact dimensions due to their hand crafting.They are measured ID (inside diameter). If you don't see listed here the size you need for your project, contact me for a quote and a custom listing. 

You Pick: (exact dimensions vary due to hand crafting)
18 gauge 10mm ID
16 gauge 4.5mm ID
16 gauge 6.5mm ID
16 gauge 8mm ID

They are made from fine quality SILVER FILLED Wire. What is "SILVER FILLED"?
-meets the same legal requirement of "gold filled" as it is 10% Sterling Silver which is bonded to a white brass core...this is 30x's thicker than any silver plate
-it is Half Hard and will work harden
-the white brass core is barely noticeable when you look at an open ring-picture 2, and not noticeable at all when properly closed
-tarnishes, oxidized, polishes just like sterling silver
-can be hammered, soldered, textured
-has the identical look and feel of sterling silver
-is HALF the price of sterling silver
-is Made in the USA

These have been tumbled to be half hard which is my personal preference for most of my jewelry creations.
Next they are tumble washed with detergent and hot water and dried at a high temperature to increase hardness and tarnish resistance. Each are hand inspected.

I love making chainmaille, but was unable to purchase jump rings that met my standards, so I invested in the equipment and started making them myself. Over 40 years engineering experience paid off! I love them!