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10 Silver Filled Twisted Jump Rings - You Pick Gauge and Diameter - Affordable Sterling Alternative

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These Twisted Round Silver Filled Jump Rings, are perfect when you want the beauty and bling of sterling but not the price. This listing is for my most popular gauges and diameters, but we are happy to custom make just about any size your project requires!

20 gauge 1.6mm ID (Inside Diameter)
20 gauge 4mm ID
18 gauge 3.5mm ID
18 gauge 5mm ID
18 gague 6mm ID
16 gauge 6mm ID
14 gauge 8mm ID
12 gauge 8mm ID
12 gauge 12mm ID

We create these by twisting 2 strands of round silver filled wire together and then proceed to create these jump rings from that twisted wire. we use a .008" slitting saw so when they are properly closed they will appear nearly SEAMLESS! They are tumbled, washed and hand inspected.

They are made from SILVER FILLED Wire. What is "SILVER FILLED
-meets the same legal requirement of "gold filled" as it is 10% Sterling Silver which is bonded to a white brass core...this is 30x's thicker than any silver plate
-it is Half Hard and will work harden
-the white brass core is barely noticeable
-tarnishes, oxidized, polishes just like sterling silver
-can be hammered, soldered, textured
-has the identical look and feel of sterling silver
-is HALF the price of sterling silver
-is Made in the USA

The wire we use to make these JUMP RINGS is made in the USA and does not contain nickel or lead.
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