10 Twisted Jump Rings 12 gauge 13mm ID - Tangerine, Peacock, and Dark Amethyst - or YOU Pick Three


These handmade triple twisted jump rings are perfect for the jewelry artisan who is looking for something better than what is available commercially! I have hand made these from twisting 3 strands of 20 gauge wire together : 1 Tangerine, 1 Peacock and 1 Dark Amethyst. I then form them into 12mm perfectly round jump rings with perfectly smooth ends. They are sturdy, durable and stunning!

Save 30% - Buy in Bulk!

The ends do not have burrs, the twist is consistent and they will not untwist...they are hand inspected and are near perfection!

These are available in other sizes, quantities and colors. Contact me with your requirements and I will get right back to you.

The Amethyst jump rings can be custom made just for you.