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100 - 12 gauge Royal Blue Anodized Aluminum Jump Rings - 10mm ID - 14mm OD - 3/8"

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These Royal Blue Anodized Aluminum Jump Rings are perfect for a variety of weaves. They are made from Half Hard Aluminum Wire and they are perfect for light duty projects. These are anodized to this deep, rich blue tone. They are ready for you to weave with them. They will not tarnish.

These are great to work with because they are saw cut for nearly seamless closes and the size is made especially for chainmaille so they are easy to integrate into your weaves and designs.

Actual Size = 10mm ID - 13.98mm OD
ID = Inside Diameter
OD = Outside Diameter

Actual Wire Size = 1.99mm
Mandrel Size = 3/8" ID
Actual Size = 10mm ID
TAR = 5
EAR = 4.9
Suggested Weave = Double Spiral, European 4-1, Mobius, Box, 3 Connector Byzantine
Other Uses = Great for bringing a lightweight splash of color

CDA #5356 aluminum - half hard

AR = Aspect Ratio
14 gauge SWG = 2.03
12 gauge AWG = 2.05

Why are the True Aspect Ratio (TAR) and the Expected Aspect Ratio (EAR) different? Because the EAR is calculated on the Mandrel Size and the advertised Gauge Size - these both vary in the real world. The TAR is based on the actual accurate measurements of the jump ring diameter and wire thickness.
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