100 - 19 gauge SWG 9/64" ID - 3.78mm ID Copper Jump Rings

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These Copper Jump Rings are perfect for a variety of weaves. They are made from Half Hard Copper Wire and they are perfect for medium - heavy duty projects. These have a bright pink copper tone and come to you freshly tumbled, free of burrs. They are ready for you to weave with them. You can then choose to oxidize them or leave them to naturally develop a rich patina. A quick dip in vinegar will brighten them in a few seconds if you would like. 

These are great to work with because they are saw cut for nearly seamless closes and the size is made especially for chainmaille so they are easy to integrate into your weaves and designs. The are also a versatile size for many other jewelry projects!

Actual Wire Size = .99mm
Mandrel Size = 9/64" ID
Actual Size = 3.78mm ID
True Aspect Ratio = 3.8
Expected Aspect Ratio = 3.8
Suggested Weave = Euro 4-1, Byzantine (a little loose), Barrel (a little loose)
Other Uses = Attaching small charms, attaching clasps, use as catch rings, attaching small links

CDA #110 copper - half hard, 99% pure copper

ID = Inside Diameter
AR = Aspect Ratio
19 gauge SWG = 1.016
18 gauge AWG = 1.024

Why are the True Aspect Ratio (TAR) and the Anticipated Aspect Ratio (AAR) different? Because the AAR is calculated on the Mandrel Size and the advertised Gauge Size - these both vary in the real world. The TAR is based on the actual accurate measurements of the jump ring diameter and wire thickness.

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