100 Anodized Aluminum Square Wire Jump Ring Mix - Economical 14 or 16 gauge

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This listing is for 100 Anodized Aluminum Square Wire Jump Rings. There are available in a variety of sizes and colors in two gauges; 14 and 16 gauge AWG.

These are not my handmade jump rings but nicely made commercially made ones that are saw cut and available in fun colors. As with most commercially made jump rings, the sizes vary, the colors vary, there may be burrs. But, they do not contain nickel or lead and they are perfect for colorful, lightweight, light-duty creations.

16 gauge 6.4mm OD/4.2mm ID
16 gauge 7.4mm OD/5.2mm ID
16 gauge 9.1mm OD/6.9mm ID
14 gauge 9.6mm OD/6.6mm ID
14 gauge 11.4mm OD/8.4mm ID
14 gauge 13mm OD/10mm ID

OD = Outside Diameter
ID = Inside Diameter

Not sure of what size you need for your project? Contact me. Square rings are 30% larger in volume than the same size round ring so this has to be taken into consideration.

You will find a wide selection of Aluminum Jump Rings and Scales here 

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Outstanding Customer Service

I recently took up a project using jump rings. Previous to this project I have never used jump rings before or had any knowledge about jump rings. I messaged the seller with one question after another and they were incredibly helpful and more than happy to share their knowledge and all information in regards to their product. Once I finally made a purchase the items showed up in great condition, in a timely manner, and it was exactly what I was looking for. This is an exceptional website and they have an enormous selection of products. The site took hours out of my day only because I couldn't pull myself away from browsing all of their products and being inspired to dive into an unlimited amount of other project ideas.. Their service, knowledge, and products are unrivaled.

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