100 Antique Gold Oval Jump Rings - Best Commercially Made - 6 Sizes in 16, 18 and 20 gauge - 100% Guarantee

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These Antique Gold Oval Jump Rings make great jewelry connectors for charms, pendant and links in chains. This listing is for 100 in your choice of 6 sizes. These are all listed in OD (Outside Diameter) - see the last photo if you are not sure about what that means.

20 gauge 4mm X 3mm OD
20 gauge 6mm X 4mm OD
18 gauge 6mm X 4mm OD
18 gauge 7mm X 5mm OD
18 gauge 8mm X 6mm OD
16 gauge 8mm X 6mm OD
Size Mix

Did you know that an oval jump ring is stronger than a round jump rings of the same gauge and diameter? The joint is on the side - the spot of least tension. They are perfect for attaching charms and small focal pendants.

♥These are the best commercially made rings I have found. Here is why I like them:

The base metal is brass so they have a nice weight and feel AND they are strong.

They do not contain nickel or lead and I spot check them to make sure. They have always tested 100%.

Price! These are a great value.

♥So, what is the downside?

Gauge and diameter may vary from batch to batch and occasionally ring to ring.

These are machine made, so there will be a SMALL NOTCH at the joint and the joint is not parallel. A large blade is used to cut them which results in a large KURF-- what's that? Think of that pile of saw dust under a table saw. The same thing happens when jump rings are cut. The kurf is the portion of the jump ring that is removed/lost and turned into metal dust. This can change the shape of the ring and contribute to a joint that will not close 100%.

Sizes are limited.

♥I carry a nice variety of OVAL jump rings here

My HANDCRAFTED Jump Rings are here

Questions? Contact me.

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Fast Shipping

The best!!!! :)

I am so impressed with this supplier!

I love how the description is so detailed and honest, and I was very happy with both the speed of shipping, and the quality of products! Makes me want to dump all my other jump rings in the trash, because they aren't anywhere near this quality!
Thank you!

Great findings

These are wonderful dependable jump rings. On top of being the best jump rings I use the customer service is great!
I have been designing jewelry for 25 years and Unkamen supplies are my favorite suppliers!

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