100 - Custom Handmade Stainless Steel Jump Rings 18 & 16 gauge

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This listing is for 100 made to order jewelry grade surgical stainless steel saw cut round wire jump rings in 18 and 16 gauge, you choose the ID (Inside Diameter). They are perfect for chainmaille artisans and all jewelry artisans who are looking for something better than what is available commercially.

18 gauge = 1.0mm

16gauge = 1.29mm

Choose the diameter of the rings from the drop down menu.
Your choices are:
18 gauge 2.5mm ID
18 gauge 3mm ID
18 gauge 3.5mm ID 
18 gauge 3.75mm ID
18 gauge 3.9mm ID
18 gauge 4mm ID
18 gauge 4.5mm ID 
18 gauge 5mm ID
18 gauge 5.5mm ID
18 gauge 6mm ID
18 gauge 7mm ID 
18 gauge 8mm ID
18 gauge 10mm ID
16 gauge 3.75mm ID
16 gauge 4.5mm ID
16 gauge 5.5mm ID
16 gauge 6mm ID
16 gauge 7mm ID 
16 gauge 8mm ID 
16 gauge 10mm ID

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

The items I ordered were exactly what I was looking for... now I know to order more!
Unkamen sure knows how to satisfy.

100 - Custom Handmade Stainless Steel Jump Rings 18 & 16 guage

These jump rings are the best I have purchased. Very easy to open and close.
The quality and workmanship is great. Will purchase again from Unkamensupplies. Thank you Ralph!

Lovely shiny rings

Great rings as ever. No complaints. Can't wait to get weaving.

Custom Stainless jump rings, 18g, 4mm

As like always, they are great. They got one more project done, down the road & very much loved by the person that got the gift. There was only one thing that 'concerned' me (to be clear, this is not a problem on my end) So, There are a number of rings that the cuts in the rings were on a slant. It was a first for me. I've purchased a lot of rings & the only one I've ever been disappointed with, was myself for thinking that a cheaper ring that would substitute in a jam, would work. Wrong!!!! That is why this order was placed. As I should have done in the 1st place. So, As ALWAYS!!! You are all fantastic & you have from the very beginning to this day, been better then great to & for me. Thanks to all of you! Your hard work, dedication & your personable ways, make me more then happy! Wish you all a wonderful Valentine! Open your hearts & share your love. Samm

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