100 Eco Friendly Bags - Reclosable - Many Sizes


These Small Eco Friendly Jewelry Storage Bags are the best when you want to protect, sort and separate your jewelry and findings, but are not concerned about tarnish protection.

These re-closeable, 2-mil bags are made of 100% oxo-biodegradable plastic that will break down naturally and return to nature once its useful life is finished. This plastic will not clog landfills and will help reduce the unhealthy buildup of methane.

Choose from these sizes:
- 2"x2"
- 2"x3" 
- 3"x4" 
- 4"x6" 
- 6"x9"

►They have a racy green stripe so you can tell the difference and your customers can too!

►I especially like the sturdy zip which holds up even after multiple openings and closings.

►These will protect items from dust and moisture.

►Semi-transparent feature lets you see what's inside.

►Questions? Contact me!