100 Gunmetal Plated Brass Oval Jump Rings 18 gauge 6mm X 4mm OD or 16 gauge 8mm X 6mm OD - Best Commercially Made - 100 % Guarantee

SKU: UCJRGnm-16-8X6
These Oval Gunmetal Jump Rings are perfect for so many jewelry and craft projects.

16 gauge 8mm X 6mm OD (Outside Diameter)
16 gauge 6mm X 4mm OD

Did you know that an oval jump ring is stronger than a round jump ring of the same gauge and diameter? 

These are very good quality commercially made rings, not my personally hand crafted rings.They do not contain nickel or lead. The base metal is brass so they have a nice weight and are sturdy for their size.

You can see a small notch at the seam, but they are cleanly cut, consistent in size and tone. I rate these to be the best commercially made jump rings around!

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