100 Magic Carpet Anodized Niobium Jump Rings Quantity 100 in Your Choice of Gauge and Diameter

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Be inspired by this enchanted new mix I call Magic Carpet. These Custom Handmade Niobium Jump Rings in your choice of gauge and size are perfect for your special jewelry creations. This listing is for 100 of my custom anodized jump rings in this unique color mix that brings peach, pink, purple, yellow brass and blue together in the most brilliant way possible. Jewelry made with these rings will be noticed.

I've offered my most popular sizes here but I can make the rings you need. Let me know if you would like another size or gauge, I can make them. The rings are measured ID (inside diameter). Niobium is a rare inert metal so it is hypoallergenic and terrific for sensitive skin.

The colored niobium is still 100% niobium, the color is not a coating. I run an electrical current through the niobium which changes the way light bounces off of them. The refraction of the light is the color you see. The chemical composition and its hypoallergenic nature is not changed. They do not contain nickel or lead.
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