100 Premium Jump Rings Half Hard Silver Plate or Gold Color 18, 20, 22 gauge Custom Handmade

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These Premium Half Hard Silver Plate or Gold Color Jump Rings are great when you need a very sturdy connection like when connecting a fine chain.  They are also non tarnishing.

22 gauge 1.5mm ID (Inside Diameter)
22 gauge 2mm ID
22 gauge 3mm ID
20 gauge 1.5mm ID
20 gauge 2mm ID
20 gauge 3mm ID
20 gauge 4mm ID
18 gauge 2mm ID
18 gauge 3mm ID
18 gauge 3.55mm ID
18 gauge 3.75mm ID
18 gauge 4mm ID
18 gauge 5mm ID
18 gauge 5.5mm ID
18 gauge 6mm ID
18 gauge 7mm ID
18 gauge 8mm ID
18 gauge 10mm ID
Size Mix

18 gauge = 1mm
20 gauge = 0.8mm
22 gauge = 0.6mm

Not sure what size is best for your project? Confused about all of these numbers? Contact me and I will be happy to help.

►These beautiful jump rings are handmade from Half Hard Non Tarnish Silver Plate and Non Tarnish Gold Colored Wire. This will make for more secure connections in your jewelry projects.

►They are non tarnishing.

►These are my custom handmade saw cut rings which will close easily and not show the copper core when closed. Only .008" is removed when I make the cut with my precise technique so the edges are smooth and the ring will be round when closed.

►Choices: Custom sizes and additional amounts available.
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