100 SWG Economical Aluminum Jump Rings 19 gauge 5/32", 11/64", and 13/64" ID

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This listing is for 100 Economical Anodized Aluminum Jump Rings. They are available in 19 SWG and three diameters in a color mix. These are measured by their ID or Inside Diameter.

They are made from anodized aluminum, do not contain nickel or lead and are perfect lightweight chainmaille creations. I carry these good quality jump rings as well as premium Top Shelf jump rings. What's the difference?

Are not handmade by me
May have small flaws
Colors may vary - not all mixes will contain all colors
Have a larger kurf or gap
Are economically priced

►Why do I carry them?
They are saw cut so will still allow for a fairly smooth joint
There is a nice variety of vivid colors
The price can not be beat

Mandrel Size - 19 SWG 5/32" ID - Actual Size - 3.9mm ID
Mandrel Size - 19 SWG 11/64" ID - Actual Size - 4.3mm ID
Mandrel Size - 19 SWG 13/64" ID - Actual Size - 5.2mm ID

18 gauge AWG = 1mm = 19 gauge SWG

Questions? Contact me and I will get right back to you with answers.

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