20 Stainless Steel Column End Caps - You Pick Size - 100% Guarantee

These Stainless Steel Column End Caps are perfect when you want a sturdy non tarnishing end for your creation! We carry 12 different sizes so you can have an exact fit! Each listing is for 20 ends.

ID Size - Length X Width/Bail
0.8mm - 7mm X 1.5mm/0.5mm
1.3mm - 7mm X 1.7mm/0.7mm
1.5mm - 6.8mm X 1.9mm/1.1mm
1.9mm - 7.5mm X 2.5mm/1.1mm
2.1mm - 7.6mm X 2.6mm/1.2mm
2.6mm - 7.5mm X 3mm/1.7mm
3.0mm - 8mm X 3.5mm/1.7mm
3.5mm - 9mm X 4mm/1.5mm
4.0mm - 10mm X 4.8mm/2.2mm
4.5mm - 10mm X 5mm/2.4mm
5.2mm - 11mm X 6mm/2.6mm (Out of Stock)
5.8mm - 12mm X 7mm/3.2mm