3 Pairs Large Loop Handmade Earwires in YOUR CHOICE of Colors - Perfect for Dangling Multiple Charms

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These handmade ear wires are just right for many of your unique handmade earring creations! They measure 5/8 inch(1.4cm) by 7/8 inch(2.3cm) AND have a LARGE 5mm LOOP to accommodate many of today's' cutting edge fashion designs!

I have found them to be a perfect weight, holding their form, not bothersome to sensitive ears, and the enamel coating holds up very well....they are non tarnishing. My daughter makes these and she smooths the ends to ensure comfort and good looks. They do not contain nickel or lead. Perfect!

***These are especially well suited for dangling multiple charms from the loops in a stacked fashion. The large loop will keep them hanging properly.

This listing is for 3 pairs in YOUR CHOICE! 

Here is a list of the available color: Non-tarnishing Silver Plate, Black, Antique Silver, Raw Copper, Non-tarnishing Copper, Tinned Copper, Rose Gold Colored, Amber, Burgundy, Non-tarnishing Gold Colored, Red, Vintage Bronze, Raw Bronze, Aqua, Blue, Dark Blue, Teal, Baby Blue, Green, Yellow Brass, Rich Low Brass, Non-tarnishing Brass, Smokey Quartz, Ultra White, Antique White, Hot Pink, Magenta, Silvered Rose Pink, Silvered Blue, Silvered Ice Blue, Silvered SeafoamA, Silvered SeafoamB, Silvered Orchid, Silvered Peacock Blue, Silvered Lemon, Brown, Kelly Green, Purple, Silvered Amethyst, Silvered Tangerine, Silvered Pacific Blue, Silvered Peridot, Silvered Fuchsia, Silvered Peach, Silvered Christmas Green, Silvered Lavender,Titanium Colored, Antique Copper, Blue Steel, Hematite

I have them available in over 40 wonderful colors. Too many colors to fit on the color wheel. click the link to see all of my colorful enamel coated wire colors up close!

I also make these in 14kt Rose Gold Filled, 14kt Yellow Gold Filled, Argentium Sterling Silver, Sterling Silver, brass, bronze, copper, stainless steel and offer oxidization for a great vintage look

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