32 Gauge Wire - Colorful Enameled Coated Copper and Solid Metal Wire - Many Finishes - 100% Guarantee

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This is the same high quality wire we use to make our handcrafted jump rings. 

32 gauge AWG = 0.203mm

Metallic Colors (300' Coil) Silver Plated Colors  (200' ft Coil)  Bare metal Wires (300' Coil)
Red Fuchsia Copper
Magenta Hot Pink Yellow Brass
Non-Tarnishing Copper Orange Gold Tone (Rich Low) Brass
Amber Yellow Tinned Copper
Green Peridot Nickel Silver [$10.00]
Brown Seafoam Stainless Steel [$10.00]
Blue Dark Amethyst
Purple Rose Gold Colors
Black Antique White
Vintage Bronze Non-Tarnishing Gold
Antique Copper Non-Tarnishing Silver Plate
Burgundy Baby Blue


    You will receive this wire shipped to you in protective coils to insure consistent temper and strength and a wire that is free of kinks and nicks.

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