32 Gauge Wire - Colorful Enameled Coated Copper and Solid Metal Wire - Many Finishes - 100% Guarantee

SKU: vwPE799

This is the same high quality wire we use to make our handcrafted jump rings. 

32 gauge AWG = 0.203mm

Metallic Colors (300' Coil) Silver Plated Colors  (200' ft Coil)  Bare metal Wires (300' Coil)
Red Fuchsia Copper
Magenta Hot Pink Yellow Brass
Non-Tarnishing Copper Orange Gold Tone (Rich Low) Brass
Amber Yellow Tinned Copper
Green Peridot Nickel Silver 
Brown Seafoam Stainless Steel 
Blue Dark Amethyst
Purple Rose Gold Colors
Black Antique White
Vintage Bronze Non-Tarnishing Gold
Antique Copper Non-Tarnishing Silver Plate
Burgundy Baby Blue


    You will receive this wire shipped to you in protective coils to insure consistent temper and strength and a wire that is free of kinks and nicks.