10 Nickel Silver Oval Jump Rings 18 gauge - You Pick Diameter - Handcrafted Links

SKU: jgw3I93

These custom handmade NICKEL SILVER 18 gauge  OVAL jump rings are perfect for chainmaille artisans and all jewelry artisans who are looking for something better than what is available commercially! Oval links are stronger than round links because the joint, on the side, is the least stressed point of these jump rings.They're available in a wide range of sizes.  This listing is for 10 rings.

18 gauge = 1mm thick

Sizes Available - measured ID (Inside Diameter)
1.4mm X 2.6mm
2.1mm x 3.4mm
2.7mm X 4.4mm
3.5mm x 2.26mm 
3.8mm X 6.2mm
4.3mm X 7.5mm
6.2mm X 11.5mm
9.2mm X 14.6mm
15mm X 5mm
18mm X 4mm
25mm X 12.5mm
35mm X 8mm
8mm x 3.2mm
5.6mm X 2.6mm
6.2mm X 2.6mm
9.5mm X 7mm
Small Size Mix (a mix of 6.2mm and smaller ovals)

These rings are a wonderful weight because they are NICKEL SILVER, a wonderful alternative to Sterling Silver. They are handmade by me to my exacting specifications for my personal use. You will love how easy they are to close and how nearly seamless they appear!

They are made from 18 gauge NICKEL SILVER Wire; this is bright shiny silver color. They are wound on a custom mandrel and saw cut with 0.008" rotary slitting saw blade-this means that only a very small amount of the ring is removed which gives you a nice round ring with a very smooth parallel cut.

Next they are tumbled with steel shot, washed with detergent and hot water and dried at low temperature; each are hand inspected.

Nickel Silver does not contain any silver, but yes, it does contain nickel. The exact chemical composition is 60% copper, 20% nickel and 20% zinc.  It goes by a lot of other names such as German Silver, Argentann, Paktong, New Silver, Nickel Brass,or Alpacca Silver.

Some people will have a skin reaction to it called contact dermatitis. I can't find any reliable figures, but the most common problem is with pierced earrings.Most of us come into contact with Nickel Silver every day. It is the most common metal used in zippers, keys, musical instruments, model railroad tracks as well as many coins, plumbing fittings, silverware and jewelry.

Nickel Silver has a bright silver tone, it resists tarnishing and is both strong and durable....oh yes, it is inexpensive!

PREFER these rings already closed? Contact me. I charge 50% more for plier closed, 100% more for solder closed. I will make a custom listing for you for the difference.

Did you know that ovals make a stronger link than rounds?  I carry a great selection of both my handcrafted ovals and high quality commercially-made ovals.