50 Stainless Steel Jump Rings 18 gauge - YOU Pick the Size 5mm - 12mm OD Best Commercially Made

SKU: Qccmw61
These 18 gauge Stainless Steel Jump Rings are perfect for so many jewelry and craft projects. Each listing is for 50.

18 gauge = 1mm

5mm OD = 3mm ID
6mm OD = 4mm ID
7mm OD = 5mm ID
8mm OD = 6mm ID
8.5mm OD = 6.5mm ID
9mm OD = 7mm ID
9.5mm OD = 7.5mm ID
10mm OD = 8mm ID
11mm OD = 9mm ID
12mm OD = 10mm ID

These are good quality commercially made rings, NOT my personally hand crafted rings.
Sizes ocasionall vary and are approximate. If you need exact sizing, check out my handmade rings or convo me.

♥These are the best commercially made rings I have found. Here is why I like them:
~They are solid stainless steel so they have a nice weight and feel AND they are strong.
~Price! These are a great value.

♥So, what is the downside?
~Gauge and diameter may vary from batch to batch and occasionally ring to ring.
~Sizes are limited.

♥I love to work with stainless steel so I have a great selection of high quality commercially made stainless steel supplies as well as my own hand crafted ones.  Find them here