Bedazzled Brass Arm Cuff - Ready Made or Kit

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This Bedazzled Brass Arm Cuff is stunning and comfortable! It is created from solid brass, embellished with Swarovski Crystals, hand textured and smoothed!

♥ January - Garnet
♥ February - Amethyst
♥ March - Aquamarine
♥ April - Crystal
♥ May - Emerald
♥ June - Light Amethyst
♥ July - Ruby
♥ August - Peridot
♥ September - Sapphire
♥ October - Rose
♥ November - Topaz
♥ December - Turquoise
♥ Green Ombre
♥ Red Ombre
♥ Pink Ombre
♥ Blue Ombre
♥ Purple Ombre
♥ Custom Mix - let me know your selection in the notes when you check out.

I offer this as a kit or ready made. I rate this to be Intermediate in Skill Level and you will need to following tools:
Hammering Block and Pad
Heavy Duty Wire Cutters
Metal Files
Looping Pliers
Chain Nose Pliers
Polishing Cloth
Bangle Pliers

The KIT includes:
8 gauge square rich low brass wire
22 gauge round rich low brass wire
Swarovski crystals

INSTRUCTIONS - You Pick Printed, Instant Download pdf or none!
Select Kit w/Instructions to receive printed instructions along with your kit.

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I sell my Instructions and Kits separately so that you can buy more than one kit and not have to pay for the instructions over and over.

No time to make this? I am happy to make is for you. Select "Ready Made" from the drop down menu. And let me know your BICEP measurement in the notes when you check out. The DEFAULT for this listing is 12 inches.

►Questions? Contact me and I will get right back to you with answers.

►I guarantee that the wire you receive will be 100% free of defects and the correct length and gauge. If there is a problem, I will send a free replacement. No questions asked! I will also send along a free self-addressed stamped envelope to return the defective coil