Best Copper and Bronze Solder - 18 gauge - Near Perfect Color Match

SKU: KVitJ32

This listing is for 1 foot, 3 feet or 10 feet of "easy" copper solder. This is what we use to make nearly seamless joints when we solder my COPPER and BRONZE jump rings. With a little practice, you will have trouble finding your joints too! This will blend almost perfectly with COPPER and BRONZE creations so you don't have a silver joint....AND it will be a strong joint!

You just cut a teeny bit for each joint, so a little goes a long way! And you do not need flux....We highly recommend using Firescoff

The melting flow point is 1,350 degrees Fahrenheit (733 Celsius) . You need a torch to use this solder, a soldering iron is NOT hot enough.

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We also carry BRASS solder. 

This is milled in the USA, and does not contain nickel or lead.