Best Patina Powder - Oxidize Brass, Bronze, Copper, Sterling Silver - Liver of Sulfur - Free Jump Ring Sample Included - 100% Guarantee

SKU: LivSulfPowder
I am frequently asked how to create an antique finish on metals - this is a traditional option! This Liver of Sulfur Powder is mixed with water and then the metal can be dipped to create a unique old look - in minutes!

This listing is for 1 - 4 ounce container which mixes to create a gallon of solution! Just mix a little at a time and you will be able to use this with hundreds of projects, or if you are like me, thousands of jump rings!

I use this on nickel silver, rich low brass, yellow brass, bronze, copper and sterling silver.

**Free Sample of my Handmade Jump Rings Included so you can test this out right away**

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