Best Stretch Cord for Bead Bracelets - Opelon 0.7mm White


We are frequently asked what is the best stretch cord for making the very popular stretch bead bracelets - this is it! We made bracelets with every stretch cord made and them put them through rigorous tests and Opelon won, hands down. This is a latex free, flat fibrous cord that will stretch and then bounce back. It's shape contributes to the secure knots you will make with this - and you will not need a crimp!

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Now, it takes the best product and the best process and here it is:

1. String beads with Opelon and then run the Opelon around a second time.
2. Make a surgeons knot
3. Place a drop of E-6000 on the surgeons knot
4. Pull the knot inside one of the beads

Opelon is a pale white color and is 0.7 thick. It is available in a variety of coil sizes and is made in Japan.

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Materials: white stretch cord.

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