Brass Hammer - My Pick for a Great Stamping and Dapping and More - Stamping Disc Sample Included

I am frequently asked for advice in selecting a Stamping Hammer; this is it! 

This 2 pound hammer is designed to come in contact with your other tools, not your creations? What? You don't hammer the metal directly with this. This hammer comes in contact only with ANOTHER tool such as a stamping tool, a chisel, or a dapping punch.

It is specifically constructed of a smooth brass head and not stainless steel, so as to not damage your tools. The brass construction also keeps it from bouncing back as you work with it. Bouch back can cause double stamping or double imaging and is probably the bane of every stamper's existence. You may hear instructions call for a "dead blow" hammer - this is it and this is what is being referenced.

Don't let the 2 pound (just under 1 kg) weight scare you off. You want a heavy hammer to make nice deep impressions when you stamp. This weight also means that you will have to swing fewer times when you dap, making you more efficient.

This hammer also features a sturdy metal handle and textured grips. It measure 9 1/2 inches (25cm) with the head measuring 2 1/2 inches X 1 inch (67mm X 25mm)

This is the hammer I use for custom stamping all my discs! 

I am including a sample of my favorite stamping discs so you can get working right away!