Cuff of Many Colors - Anodized Niobium Ear Cuff


Brighten up your ear and your life with the amazingly colorful anodized niobium ear cuff, the Cuff of Many Colors. It's small, 10mm x 2mm, but the effect it makes is big!

Niobium ear cuffs are the answer if you love the look of cartilage piercings, but don't really want to add a new hole to you ear. We make this from surgical grade hypoallergenic niobium wire and custom anodize it.

This listing is for ONE ear cuff in this amazing melange of 21 colors.

Color Choice
Natural Silver
Vintage Bronze
Dark Blue
Medium Blue
Bright Blue
Steel Blue
Silver Blue
Yellow Brass
Old Gold
Rose Gold
Rose Pink
Purple Pink
Dark Purple
Bright Purple
Blue Purple
Peacock Rainbow

The colored niobium is still 100% niobium; the color is not a coating. I run an electrical current through the niobium which changes the way light bounces off of them. The refraction of the light is the color you see. The chemical composition and its hypoallergenic nature is not changed at all.

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