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Deluxe Cushioned Plier Grips - Replacement or Improvement - These are the Best

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I am frequently asked about sore hands, fatigue and even numbness. Of course, discuss these symptoms with your family physician, take frequent breaks and use good ergonomics when working with pliers.

In addition, these Deluxe Cushioned Plier Grips can improve pliers that don't have cushioning or can be used to replace worn plier grips. These are not "hobby - grade" grips but professional ones made specifically for people that have to work with pliers all day. They are made from heavy - duty PVC and are latex free so they will last and not irritate anyone with a latex allergy (like my wife - these work well for her). This is a set of FOUR so BOTH hands will feel better!

I have them available in 2 sizes. The STANDARD Size will work with most pliers. A few large pliers will require the LARGE size. If your plier handles are shorter than listed, the grips can be easily cut to fit.

10.5cm - 4 1/8" Long
1 cm ID (inside diameter opening) 1.6cm OD (outside diameter)

13cm - 5 1/8" Long
1.2cm ID - 2m OD

How do you use them? Wet them with plain water and slid on! Trim as needed with standard scissors.
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