Dragon's Breath Pot Scrubber Chainmaille Tutorial PDF

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This listing is for our expert instructions for this useful and unusual kitchen tool. This scrubber will add fun to doing the dishes! Just kidding-- doing dishes is never fun, But it will make cleaning your cast iron easier and start a conversation when others see and admire your creation.

These are great for chainmaillers but also fun for more experienced makers! You need just 2 smooth flat nose pliers to make one.

You'll find the kit with everything you need to make your own pot scrubber to keep or give as a gift here
Skill Level: Just beyond beginners as 16 gauge bronze and stainless steel jump rings can be challenging to close
Tools Required: 2 smooth flat nose plies
Supplies Needed:
40 16 gauge 7.5mm ID Bronze Jump Rings
85 16 gauge 7.5mm ID Stainless Steel Jump Rings

►Need help with opening and closing a jump ring? Copy and paste this link to watch our 3 minute video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LAq4gL8gZmg

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Wow! Why did I wait so long to make this?!

I have looked at this tutorial for a few years on CreatingUnkamen's site. Not sure why I waited so long to make this one! If you have ever scrubbed your cast iron pan, and scrubbed, and scrubbed, you need this now! What a timesaver, and a beautiful one at that! And, as always, another excellent, easy to follow tutorial to make the project fun and stress free.

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