Garden TWIST Chainmaille Bracelet Kit - Perfect for Beginners, Fun for All Jewelry Makers - SALE

SKU: GardTwi-1
This is fun to make and fun to wear. The Garden Twist kit comes with all the materials you need to make this cheerful bracelet. You choose the rubber ring colors. The shiny silver aluminum jump rings will make your color choice POP!

This bracelet is particularly appropriate for beginners in chainmaille and/or jewelry making because the weaves are easy to see, it progresses quickly and the results are SPECTACULARThis colorful bracelet is comfortable, durable, lightweight, non tarnishing and features rubber rings and aluminum twisted jump rings. 

I have created this kit from my own expertly crafted half hard aluminum jump rings and have included plenty of extras so you can create this unique chainmaille bracelet up to 8 1/2 inches long. You will enjoy wearing or giving this to someone who loves a unique look!

The finished bracelet will measure up to 9 inches.

►You CAN do this!

It is a 3 into 1 pattern. Refer to the large picture in this listing.

1. Add 7 of the rubber rings to one of the large Round Aluminum jump rings.
2. Close 3 of the small round aluminum jump rings.
3. Add the 3 closed small rings to the large jump ring with the 7 rubber rings.
4. Close large jump ring with the 7 rubber rings and 3 small round rings.
5. Add one large Twisted aluminum jump ring to the 3 small round closed aluminum rings, that are attached to the large round aluminum ring with the 7 rubber rings.
6. Add another set of 3 closed small round aluminum rings to the Large twisted jump ring.
7. Close large twisted jump ring and Keep going!
8. Add hand forged aluminum clasp and rings when desired length is achieved.

Questions? Contact me and I will get right back to you with answers.

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