HALF PRICE SALE Niobium Rainbow Earring Kit - Shaggy Loops - Hypoallergenic

These Niobium Rainbow Earrings will look great and feel great too! This kit has everything you need to make these cheerful charmers. And, they won't irritate sensitive ears.

This chainmaille pattern, called shaggy loops, is a classic pattern we've have given a colorful twist and then taken it even a step further...they are made from pure hypoallergenic Niobium components, so they will always be comfortable to wear!

You'll add color and style to your wardrobe or gift giving with beautiful handmade rings I have *anodized dancing from grey Niobium Ear Wires! They measure 1 3/4 inches from the top of the ear wire to the bottom shaggy loop.

You can make them! This is a perfect kit for a beginner and it is rewarding for more experienced jewelry makers too!

10 - 18 gauge 4mm ID pink niobium jump rings
10 - 18 gauge 4mm ID green niobium jump rings
10 - 18 gauge 4mm ID yellow niobium jump rings
10 - 18 gauge 4mm ID bright blue niobium jump rings
10 - 18 gauge 4mm ID bright purple niobium jump rings
22 - 20 gauge 3mm ID silver niobium jump rings
1 pair handmade simple silver niobium ear wires

Earring Kit
Kit with Printed Instructions
Ready Made Earrings

And, Choose:
Bright Rainbow - pink, gold, green, blue and indigo
Muted Palate - shades of blue and grey

INSTRUCTIONS - You Choose: Printed, Instant Download pdf or none!
Select Kit w/Instructions to receive printed instructions along with your kit.

The Instant Download INSTRUCTIONS are available here

I sell my Instructions and Kits separately so that you can buy more than one kit and not have to pay for the instructions over and over.

No time to make these? I am happy to make them for you. Select "Ready Made" from the drop down menu.

*The colored niobium is still 100% niobium...the color is not a coating. I run an electrical current through the niobium which changes the way light bounces off of them. The refraction of the light is the color you see. The chemical composition and its hypoallergenic nature is not changed at all.

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