Non Tarnish Copper Artistic Wire - 1/4 lb - Permanently Colored - You Pick Gauge 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 32 - 100% Guarantee

SKU: Lo9gm94

This Non Tarnishing Copper wire is the same great wire we use to make our high quality jump rings and findings. The base metal is copper so it has a nice substantial weight. A clear enamel coating is baked on. It is non-tarnishing and perfect for light to medium duty projects.

You Pick:
18 gauge - 49.8 feet
20 gauge - 78.8 feet
22 gauge - 125.5 feet
24 gauge - 198.0 feet
26 gauge - 315.3 feet
28 gauge - 498.3 feet
30 gauge - 787.0 feet
32 gauge - 1221.5 feet

I usually have at least 2 spools of each gauge on hand; if you order more there might be a delay. I will contact you asap if that happens. I receive wire shipments from Artistic Wire 2-3 times a month so the wait will not be long. If you have an ongoing need just let me know as I am happy to stock it just for you.

I guarantee the wire my customers receive will be 100% free of defects and the correct length and gauge. If there is a problem, I will send a free replacement. No questions asked! I will also send along a free self-addressed stamped envelope to return the defective coil.