One Set of 2 ARGENTIUM Sterling Silver Cord Crimp Ends - 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm OR 3mm - Made in the USA

SKU: NPcSs98
One set of TWO ARGENTIUM Sterling Silver Cord Crimp Ends are a great way to easily finish a necklace, just attach and add a clasp! The color is stunning...a bright non tarnish sterling silver, the hardness...fantastic! This will hold up to heavy use! And, they will stay bright and shiny.

To use, simply squeeze/crimp the center with your pliers. Match up the Inner Diameter (ID) with your cord thickness.

You pick the size of the opening:
1mm ID - 7.4mm Long
1.5mm ID - 7.5mm Long
2mm ID - 7.5mm Long
2.5mm ID - 8.8mm Long
3mm ID - 9.3mm Long

These are Made in the USA of non tarnishing Argentium Sterling Silver. They do not contain nickel or lead.

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