ONE SQUARE WIRE Hand Forged Petal Copper Clasp 17mm X 9mm

SKU: CopPetalClasp-1
This Handmade SQUARE WIRE PETAL Raw Copper Clasp is perfect for bracelets but could also be used for necklaces and anklets! This is easy to hook and un-hook with one hand and yet it holds securely.

This is hand forged from 14 gauge pure raw SQUARE WIRE copper and due to their hand crafting, each will vary slightly. This is unique, hefty and it measures 17mm X 9mm. Two 14 gauge 5mm copper catch rings are included!

This listing is for the petal end, tapered clasp, but I also make a blunt end. 

Since they are raw copper, they will tarnish, however, they clean right up to a lovely pink shine with a brief dip in either lemon juice or Worcestershire sauce...or you can leave it as is to develop a natural patina or oxidize it for an instant vintage look. I offer that service for 25%.

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