Oxidized Twisted Bronze Wire - Hand Finished - You Pick Gauge 10, 12, 14, 15, 16, 18, 20, 21, 22


One of the most common requests we have gotten over the years is for Bronze Wire that will match antique bronze and vintage bronze findings. The findings have highlights and lowlights and colored wires are a single tone. Finally, here it is! This Oxidized Bronze Wire is the same great wire that we use to make our high quality jump rings and findings. We start with solid square bronze wire, coil and clean it and then oxidize it by hand. We offer 2 general levels of oxidizing; medium and dark. The MEDIUM oxidizing will have varying shades of brown with possible red and gold tones. The DARK oxidizing will have varying shades of brown, grey and black. The wire will continue to oxidize once exposed to the air and may also loose some of its dark tones as you work with it. You can choose to seal this. You can also use our Synthetic Steel Wool to give it highlights.

Also select TWISTED ROUND Wire which is made from 2 strands of thinner wire twisted together or TWISTED SQUARE Wire which is made from 1 strand of square wire twisted on itself and is shown in the first photo. The Twisted Round is more flexible, the Twisted Square had a harder temper and is what we used to make the jump rings in the bracelet in the last photo. They each have a distinct custom look.

10 gauge AWG = 2.5mm
1 foot

12 gauge AWG = 2mm
1.5 feet

14 gauge AWG = 1.626mm
3 feet

15 gauge AWG = 1.45mm
4 feet

16 gauge AWG = 1.295mm
5 feet

18 gauge AWG = 1mm
15 feet

19 gauge AWG = 0.9mm
16 feet

20 gauge AWG = 0.8mm
20 feet

21 gauge AWG = 0.72mm
20 feet

22 gauge AWG = 0.643mm
20 feet

Custom lengths and additional amounts available. Questions? Contact us and we will get right back to you with answers.

This does not contain nickel or lead and is Made in the USA. This is solid bronze, not coated or plated, so this has a nice substantial weight and it is perfect for light to heavy duty projects. You can hammer, solder, work harden or even polish it! We rate this wire to be dead soft.

► Melting point 950C - 1742F (so you will need a soldering torch to solder this)
►This bronze wire is CDA #521 (91.9%Copper, Tin 8%, Phosphorus 0.1%)

Here is the link to our Synthetic Steel Wool: https://www.etsy.com/listing/73705204/3-synthetic-wool-pads-no-more-rust

Here is a link to our Recommend Sealant: https://www.etsy.com/listing/69860968/renaissance-wax-jewelry-sealing-kits

Materials: does not contain nickel or lead, Made in the USA, solid bronze wire.

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