Oxidizing and Sealing Kit -- Make Your Own Vintage, Antique, Organic Looking Findings - Gel Type - Easy and Complet

SKU: OxidizKitGel
This deluxe kit contains the same products and items that I use to oxidize my custom findings....AND then to SEAL them so the color holds!

Vintage looking jewelry and findings are so popular now and this kit will get you started! You will receive enough supplies to dip hundreds-thousands of items and the Patina Gel is shelf stable so you don't have to worry about it loosing strength over time.

You will receive the following:

-2 oz bottle of Patina Gel
-65ml container of Renaissance Wax
-Unique dipping tool
-Stainless Steel Non Rusting Rinsing and Drying Tray
-Special Wax Application Cloths
-4 pairs of non latex, hypoallergenic Nitrile gloves, 2 each in S/M/L/XL
-2 Baggies
-COMPLETE written Instructions and MSDS Information 

You will need to provide: item to be oxidized, 3 Pyrex measuring cups, Dawn detergent, white vinegar, distilled water, toothbrush, plastic spoon, toaster oven, ammonia (optional) and spray-on lacquer (optional) 

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