Choker Kit - Parallel Chain or Helm Weave Chainmaille - Your Choice of Colors - Perfect for Beginners - Experienced Jewelry Makers

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This listing is for all the materials you need to make this stylish Parallel Chain or Helm Weave Chainmaille Choker! I have included my expertly handmade, wonderfully colored jump rings in just the right quantities (plus spares of everything-so don't worry if you mess up a couple) plus a comfortable swivel clasp.

This choker is particularly appropriate for beginners in chainmaille and/or jewelry making because the weaves are easy to see, it progresses quickly and the results are spectacular!

My handcrafted enameled coated copper jump rings are particularly easy to work with because the ends are smooth( no burs), are consistently sized with a thin slitting saw (which only removes .008" of each ring which means the ring is essentially round) and have a good temper(there is very little spring back and little force is required to correctly close them).

The finished choker will measure up to 16 inches and will have an additional 2 inches of adjustment, if you choose. It has a substantial feel! 

Non Tarnish (NT) Silver Plate - 1st photo
NT Silver Plate and NT Gold Color - 3rd photo
Rose Gold Colored and NT Silver Plate 
Black and Red - 4th photo
Black and NT Silver Plate - 2nd and 5th photos
Custom Mix

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